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Elana Gabrielle

Mesa Bandana

Mesa Bandana

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The design of the Mesa bandana is a reflection of hot days, cold nights, and vast landscapes formed through time by weathering, erosion, and tectonic shifts. (Sound familiar?)

Bandanas are incredibly versatile and have been worn and used functionally for generations by seafarers, farmers, cowboys, babushkas, and more.

Size: 22 x 22”

Care: Machine or hand wash with like colors, tumble or line dry. 100% unbleached cotton fabric will soften with use.

Use: Tie traditionally around your neck or head, wrap up snacks, use as a furoshiki cloth for wrapping gifts, hang as a tapestry, frame it, use it as a picnic spread... These bandanas are meant to be durable keepsakes, as well as companions for everyday life.

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